Wight Diamond Press in a tiny publisher based on the Isle of Wight.

We believe stories are key to developing imagination, and understanding what living is all about. Books can open up so many experiences.  Whether it is helping new writers to start out, or creating and relating stories that matter, exploring different ways to write, and satisfying different age groups, our time could not be better spent. We hope to make a positive difference to readers’ lives.

We want to create books people can't put down, that feel true and really engage the reader, stories that are emotionally charged and well worth reading.

Travel writing can open up horizons. Our films are a way of exploring Britain, its people and places, and remembering places you have visited.

Writers - you have a wonderful story, magical characters, a plot with twists and turns. Can you capture it? Our writing courses give practical help and advice on the craft and techniques of writing that will empower your work.