... a wonderful book...superb on so many levels... I was close to tears when I read it and smiling too. I could see the landscape, feel its texture, smell it, and I could see all those villagers and their struggles.
It's powerful...
And yet the author describes the minutiae of daily survival so intricately that you just want to put your arms around these people.
The shocking evacuation and later loss of life of those young GIs and the totally believable viewpoint of Harry who at aged twelve puts himself into danger - because there is only so much one can understand at that age, there is a feeling of immortality.

Michelle Magorian - author of 'Goodnight Mr Tom'

This book is beautiful. You can't stop reading even though you don't want it to end. The writing is sparse but full of feeling without a trace of sentimentality. I understood and cared about these people. In this imaginative tale about families who reacted to a true historical event, I wanted to know all the time what happened next. A jewel!

Actress June Brown - Dot in 'EastEnders'

I've just spent the whole of this wet Easter Sunday afternoon reading this book in one's a great story and very well told.

Anna Home - Chair of the Children's Film and Television Foundation

A great read that rushes to a brilliant climax!

John Ovenden former BBC World Service and ABC TV presenter and Journalist Australia

No 3 on our Book of the Year list 2013 - and it only came out in October!

Harbour Bookshop Kingsbridge -

It has pride of place on our counter.

Dartmouth Community Bookshop -

The book paints a vivid picture of the steely grey realities of war... wind torn coastlines, steaming woollen jumpers drying by the fire... uniformed American strangers... hushed words and small bowls of soup...displacement and fear by the families forced from their homes...

Isle of Wight County Press

A pivotal moment in the war... through the eyes of someone who was there - if only through fiction.

American Joint Forces Journal

The Kid on


Michelle Magorian author of Goodnight Mister Tom
'Hold Tight is unputdownable! It is like a novel and a screenplay rolled into one.
I desperately wanted WPC Velalley to find Angie. I could feel the pain of the young mother and I was nauseated by the locust-like journalists. I was drawn into Velalley's exhausting juggling of career, marriage and child care, and felt the frustration of the police when they appeared to be getting no where.... It had me on the edge of my seat. Fantastic!'

And more:

I couldn't put it down. The characters were highly believable and it was
a very well constructed plot. I particularly liked the main character WPC Jane Velalley
and would love to read more stories about her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this gripping read. There was a real sense
of the dilemma that the central character faces in terms of her personal relationship
and her career juxtaposed with the strong story. Highly recommended.

A well crafted, emotional novel. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend.

What a cracker! I couldn't put it down and that's rare for me. It's beautifully
crafted with really perceptive descriptions.

Hold tight


Hard edged, striking and truthful…

                                     Best selling novelist, the late Julian Rathbone

Absolutely stunning… I had to put the rest of my life on hold…

                                     Ros Sheard (Artist and wife of Star Wars actor Michael Sheard)

Poignant and believable …the suspense is very well handled…

                                      Averil Ashfield (Transworld Books)

A great gift for portraying the agonies and ecstasies of adolescence…a rare talent…

                                      Frederick E Smith (Best Selling novelist and screen Writer)

A tension that carries the reader sailing through the book. Wait for the surprises.

                                      Novelist Gavrielle Groves-Gidney

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