Christmas 1943 – Twelve-year-old Harry is one of 3000 people forced to leave the coast in Devon as US troops move into the area. Secret rehearsals on the beach just weeks before the D-Day landings go badly wrong .
But what if Harry has left his most treasured possession behind?
What if he goes back for it? What if, at the worst possible moment, he is The Kid on Slapton Beach? 

ISBN 978-0-9535123-2-4
GB £8.99
Published by Wight Diamond Press

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A missing child somewhere out there in the darkness… no mother should have to wait alone.
And in a race against time young WPC Jane Velalley must use all her energy and wits and still hold tight to everything she loves and values most herself. Child Protection – it’s a tough job. Could you do it?

ISBN 978-0-9535123-3-1
GB £8.99
Published by Wight Diamond Press
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Eighteen, it’s a dangerous age when you have to cut your way into life.
Ballet isn’t an ordinary career for Elaine, more a magnificent obsession. Possessed by ambition, she see everything she craves in the exquisite Beverley Soames. Watching, imitating, borrowing. To stalk in pursuit of an image. There’s no threat in that, is there?

Top 3 finalist in the Beryl Bainbridge Award:
Peoples Book Prize.
‘Hard edged, striking and truthful.’

Julian Rathbone
‘A great gift for portraying the agonies and ecstasies
of adolescence… a rare talent…’
Frederick E Smith
‘Wonderfully spiked with bitchiness.’
Graham Hurley

ISBN 978-0-9535123-6-2
GB £10.99
Published by Wight Diamond Press
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