The Lights of Leicester Square

The golden years of Cinema 1967 to 1976
Right in the heart of London.

“What is more glamorous than a movie premiere? … if you love the movies, you will relish this book over and over again.”  Michael Grade

“Our deepest questions about who we are, who we aspire to be… Not just 24 frames flickering every second, a testament of what truly moves us, a legacy that lives on… it’s CINEMA”

And those were extraordinary cinema days…

More than 150 fabulous photographs of the Royal Family, world famous film stars and celebrities, World Premieres, Royal Film performances, Charity Performances, world title fights beamed in, award winning films, elegant events, huge crowds to control – two thousand people inside the Odeon, two thousand people in the queues. And more waiting in the Square – Business, BIG business!

“The history of cinema should not be confined to tales from the production floor; it has to include the magic and lights of the auditorium, and the electricity of red-carpet premieres. Here, the glamorous “style in the aisles” Felicity Fair Thompson gives us her rare insider’s account of a golden decade of film presentation at Leicester Square’s cathedrals of film, the Odeon cinemas in Leicester Square, says Dominic Minghella. “Not to be missed!”


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