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Tony Gillam: Passengers in Time blog
“In a bookshop in Dartmouth, I spotted a novel based on the events of Exercise Tiger. The Kid on Slapton Beach by Felicity Fair Thompson tells the story of the evacuation of Slapton and Torcross from the point of view of a twelve-year-old boy. This beautifully produced novel (suitable for children or adults) is a compelling adventure with a proper villain and a brave young protagonist. In simple, pacey prose, the turmoil of the characters is dramatically conveyed, against the backdrop of Torcross and Totnes, giving a real sense of the upheaval of a community and the terror and confusion of war.”

From Facebook: “a beautiful and challenging read. My 13-year-old son was moved to tears.”

Perdisma: Review from Amazon:
“There are great and terrible tragedies in war. But there are also the little tragedies, personal to one or two people but just as heart-wrenching. The beautifully written ‘The Kid on Slapton Beach has both. The year is 1943; Christmas is just a few weeks away. Harry, along with his mother and little sister, are uprooted without warning, just before Christmas, and told to leave their village in Devon and find homes elsewhere. In the scramble to leave, Harry’s precious box is left behind. Among other treasures, it contains his only photo of his father, missing in action in Italy.
Harry’s unhappiness at the upheaval and his desperate quest to recover the photo are the small tragedy that define this book. The catastrophic outcome, all the more harrowing for being true, is one of the great untold stories of World War Two. What makes this story so powerful is that the events unfold through the eyes of a twelve-year-old boy. The author evokes brilliantly the powerlessness and frustration of a child whom nobody has consulted or informed.”

Harbour Book Shop Kingsbridge.
“Based on the true story of US troops descending on Slapton Sands to practise for the D-Day landings, this tale is told through the eyes of twelve-year-old Harry, who is one of the three thousand local people who had to leave their homes to make way for a secret military exercise that had a tragic outcome. Well researched and vividly told, this book is a compelling choice for both local readers and those visiting the area for the first time, who want to learn more about the secrets of the past that this coastline holds.”

Gill Kaye Ingenu/e Magazine
“A potent combination of war story, rite of passage and the angst of stressful family relationships, set against a factual backdrop – no less extraordinary for being factual – The Kid on Slapton Beach is a captivating read. Work lay untouched, phones went unanswered, meals were late… I couldn’t put it down!”

Anna Home – Chair of the Children’s Film and Television Foundation
“I read it in one go…a great story and very well told.”

Michelle Magorian, author of ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’
“Superb on so many levels… I couldn’t put it down. I can see the landscape, feel its texture, smell it. And I can see twelve-year-old Harry, and all those villagers and their struggles. It’s powerful. I found myself close to tears when I read it and smiling too. A wonderful book!”

Actress June Brown – Dot Cotton in East Enders
“This book is beautiful. You can’t stop reading even though you don’t want it to end. The writing is sparse yet full of feeling without a trace of sentimentality. I understood and cared about these people. In this imaginative tale about families who reacted to a true historical event, I wanted to know what happened next. A jewel!”

John Ovenden, ABC Broadcaster and Journalist Australia
“A great read that rushes to a brilliant climax!”

Joint Forces Journal USA
“…a pivotal moment in the war…”

Reviews for CUTTING IN
Published by Wight Diamond Press ISBN 978-0-9535123-6-2

One of the three top finalists in the Beryl Bainbridge Award, People’s Book Prize

Best selling novelist Julian Rathbone
“Hard edged, striking and truthful.”

Averil Ashfield, Transworld Books
“Poignant and believable.”

Frederick E Smith, Best Selling Novelist and Screen Writer
“A great gift for portraying the agonies and ecstasies of adolescence. A rare talent.”

Graham Hurley, Crime Writer
“I read it at a single sitting. Perceptive writing wonderfully spiked with bitchiness.”

Ros Sheard (Artist and wife of Star Wars actor Michael Sheard)
“Absolutely stunning… I had to put the rest of my life on hold…”

Novelist Gavrielle Groves-Gidney
“…a tension that carries the reader sailing through the book. Wait for the surprises.”

Published by Wight Diamond Press ISBN 978-0-953512

Michael Grade, Lord Grade of Yarmouth
“What is more glamorous than a movie premiere? If you love the movies, you will relish this book over and over again.”

Dominic Minghella Television Producer
“Not the confines of the film studio production floor, but the magic and lights of the auditorium, the electricity of red-carpet premieres – a rare inside account of a golden decade of film presentation in the cathedrals of film, the Odeon Cinemas in Leicester Square. Not to be missed!”

Daisy Coulham Creator of Deadwater and Grantchester
“A tantalising peek behind the velvet curtain at one of London’s best loved cinemas: The Odeon. The swinging 60s, the hedonistic 70s, Hollywood glamour – and never before heard stories about the famous – what’s not to love?!”

Reviews for HOLD TIGHT
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Michelle Magorian – Author of ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’
“Unputdownable! A novel and screen play rolled into one. It had me on the edge of my seat.”

Novelist Mary Grand

“Gripping and emotional read, I couldn’t put it down.”

Mellis – Australian Artist
“Beautifully crafted. Really perceptive description.”

Writer, Lucy Blanchard
“A well-crafted, emotional novel.”

Published by Beachy Books ISBN 978-1-9997283-8-0

Daisy Coulham, film and TV writer/creator Deadwater Fell and Granchester.
“A tender exploration of family, our ever-changing world and the enduring power of the sea. A perfect book to read snuggled up by the fire with a child.”

Michelle Magorian, author of Goodnight Mister Tom
“A wonderful story full of warmth and drama for all ages with lovely illustrations. Unputdownable and a must for a television production!”

Gill Kaye, Editor of Ingenu/e Magazine
“Like all the best stories for children Grandpa’s Dear Old Girl conveys a valuable message, relevant for kids and adults alike – a little gem – reading it to your children or grandchildren will be a delight.”

Lesley Myland secretary of the IOW RNLI Board. 
“I was absolutely charmed by this story and felt quite emotional at the end.”

Writing/Editing Consultant Garry Sutton. His great grandfather worked as an inspector: Irish Lighthouse Service.
“Enhanced with beautiful drawings, an exciting, fascinating and moving story of lighthouses, their keepers where they still exist, and the work they do.”